Professional Organizing

Every room in your home has a different function, feel and space and storage capabilities therefore, organizational techniques and products will vary.

Eliminating clutter is the first step in organizing any space, room, or home. We begin by sorting and determining the item status; keep, store for short or long-term, give away (pass down, sell, donate) and discard. I will guide you through this process to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Kitchens & Pantry's – The location of pots and pans, dishes, glasses, bakeware, and food are essential for a well-functioning kitchen. The correct size and style of organizing products is also key while using a creative approach to utilize materials on hand. Shelving may also need to be adjusted for better accessibility. Your input and my knowledge and experience will transform your kitchen into a well flowing, efficient and welcoming environment.


Master Bedrooms – Imagine walking into your bedroom, feeling tranquil and at ease. This is our goal! An abundance of clothes and shoes for women (and sometimes men) is a dilemma for many. I will provide you with a strategy to solve this predicament. Small closets and inadequate storage can be daunting; however, the best potential for function and design will be applied while also creating an aesthetically pleasing space reflecting your style and personality!


Children’s Bedrooms – Toys, books, crafts and clothes all need a “home,” and a homework station works wonders. The correct organizing method and a little creativity and repurposing along with recommended purchases will create a conducive environment enhancing your child’s current stage of development.


Garages & Basements –

The correct shelving, sturdy storage bins and/or baskets are recommended for having a functional and organized garage or basement. Sturdy, labeled bins or boxes, grouped by category, may be stacked if shelving isn’t available.


Rates: $55/Hour, 3 Hour Minimum
Organizing Assistants:$25-30/Hour

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