Testimonials for Moving Services:

Anita from Yardley,  "Kathy is amazing! I am so grateful that she unpacked my many, many boxes when I moved into my new home and organized the whole house and garage. She is very talented in knowing where to put things and making them easily accessible with no guesswork. She focuses on what needs to be done and does it diligently with an artful flair. Kathy has a strong work ethic, a high level of integrity, and a gentle manner that makes her delightful to work with. I never had to worry about anything when my home and beloved items were in her hands. I totally recommend Kathy to organize any area of your home! She is exceptional!"

Jean from Yardley, “I have only thanks and praise for Kathy Dodds as she helped me move from a four-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath to a 2-bedroom, 2 bath condominium. She took on the monumental task of organizing, arranging, and packing all household items for movers and was extremely careful as she went about various tasks. She kindly directed my helpers so they were careful and effective. After the movers transferred all furniture, boxes, and other items to my new home, Kathy directed the movers in arranging furniture and placing items in storage areas. She unpacked boxes and organized my kitchen and dining room. The peace of mind I encountered was remarkable as my new home was already livable. I could not have moved so easily without her help. No items were broken and I was settled within two days. I would recommend Kathy’s services to anyone who wants a dependable, efficient, organized person to accomplish any moving or organizational task."

Kelly from Yardley, "Kathy was a lifesaver, helping me prepare my home to put on the market. A house collects a lot of stuff in 14 years, but she shipped it into shape in no time. Everything was efficiently and carefully boxed and marked. She worked independently and side-by-side with me to get the job done. I couldn't have gotten it done without her."

Georgia from Langhorne, "Kathy is like the energizer bunny - she goes and goes. She packed me up and unpacked me after my move. She was a lifesaver!"

Lauren from Yardley, "My husband and I bought our first house and were overwhelmed by the task of finding a place to put everything. We found ourselves surrounded by stuff, but with no plan and no real idea where to start. Then I found Kathy and An Organized Home. Kathy was wonderful from the start, with a phone consultation to figure out exactly what we might need. She then came for an in-person tour and consultation so I could show her our problem areas. She took some measurements, threw out some ideas, and told me not to worry about a thing! On organizing day, she came back with organizing supplies and went right to work putting things in places where they made sense. She talked me through the process, asked for my input on what we used most and what could be more hidden away, and made suggestions if she thought something would work better in another location. My kitchen, dining room, and living room went from a mish-mash of stuff to an organized and beautiful space. Kathy is kind and personable and was a pleasure to work with. I'm grateful for her insight and help with the transition into our new home. I would highly recommend her!"

Teniel from Southampton, "Kathy is a blessing! She assisted me pre and post my move. I was nervous about downsizing but Kathy helped me declutter, pack and unpack while accommodating my busy schedule. Kathy has great ideas regarding home organization and optimizing small places. She was always prompt and responsive. I will continue to utilize Kathy and refer her to friends. She is personal and professional."

Brian from Churchville, "Saved my house! Super efficient work that saved me weeks of effort, stress, and aggravation moving into my new home. Thanks so much, Kathy!"

Colleen from Titusville, "Kathy was a huge help to me in preparation to sell my home. She is timely, prepared, and always ready for the next job. She works quickly and quietly. Kathy does a wonderful job."

Amanda from New Hope, "Kathy and her team were efficient! Professional, prompt, knowledgeable and so very helpful. Eased our anxiety with our upcoming move. Highly recommend!"

Alicia from Yardley, "Kathy helped me sort through most of my belongings so I could get ready to move. She put aside things for a garage sale and packed up everything but the essentials. She lifted a huge burden off my shoulders."

Carolina from Langhorne, "I had just moved into my new home and most of my belongings were still packed in the garage. Kathy unpacked boxes and organized my kitchen, walk-in closet, living room, and garage. She did a great job! Even helped me with the arrangement of furniture!"

Jim from New Hope, "Our house was a disaster. We just moved in, with a baby, and my wife was working long hours after just being promoted. Kathy unpacked our boxes, with little direction from me, and helped us get situated in our new home. Couldn't be more grateful!"

Natell from Norristown, "Kathy is amazing! She is professional and good at her job. She unpacked and organized 90% of our boxes when we moved into our new home. I recommend her for any job no matter how big or small. She is the best!"

Kim from Eagleville, "Kathy is professional, punctual, offers plenty of suggestions, and knows her stuff well. She was great at fitting all of our many belongings into our new home. She makes great use of space!"