Below are some testimonials from satisfied clients about their improved quality of life and increased productivity thanks to An Organized Home.

Deeana from Yardley,  "Having Kathy help my husband and I was the best decision we have made in a long time. She started helping us with our kitchen and transformed it from chaos to a functioning kitchen. Not only was she easy to be around but she was the sweetest to our 18-month-old son (who wanted to join in on the organizing). If you are contemplating getting a room or area in your home organized, I highly recommend Kathy!

Cathy from Yardley, "I was very impressed with Kathy's ability to access the necessary way to organize my kitchen cabinets. She purchased organizers that made navigating my cabinets easier and more efficient. I am very pleased with her work and her as a person. She is professional in her work ethic and truly cares about the input of her client. I highly recommend her to everyone that needs an organizer!"

Kathleen from Newtown, "I have been overwhelmed with the messy state of my basement for years. After realizing that this was not a project that I could do on my own, I contacted Kathy and I'm so glad that I found her. Kathy is so efficient that we were able to make significant progress in a matter of hours. I am so happy to have this space cleaned out and reorganized so that my kids can use it as a playroom! I am looking forward to working with Kathy to organize other areas of my home, as well. I don't know why I took so long to hire a professional - I wish I had contacted Kathy sooner. She works quickly with no judgment and is an expert at making the most out of your space. I highly recommend Kathy - she is the best!"

Kimberly from New Hope, "Kathy, you were fantastic! I personally appreciate your kind nature and helping me organize my closet. It was great to have you work with me to sort and put into place a structure that I have been able to maintain. You don't mind getting into the details with your clients in a personable way. Our kitchen is next as the construction is almost complete. Looking forward to working with you again!"

Stacey from Yardley, "Kathy was very efficient in organizing our basement after we moved into our new house. She opened boxes and sorted items and arranged everything on storage racks by categories. All holiday stuff, household goods. keepsakes each in their own place. She got done in hours which would have taken us months. We highly recommend Kathy to help organize any space."

Judy from Langhorne, "I utilized the services of Kathy for MULTIPLE, MAJOR projects. Packing, Organizing, and Staging. Kathy is one of the hardest working professionals I've had the pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail is beyond impressive as is her professionalism, cost-saving suggestions, follow-up, excellent communication skill, work ethic, and honesty in every way. Given the enormity of the projects, she immediately eased my anxiety about each step of the process. She even took items for donations and provided tax reduction paperwork as part of her amazing service. She worked collaboratively with the painters, handyman, and repair people at home at the same time. Each of these folks commented on how wonderful an experience it was working with her. Plus when my beloved dog fell in love with her I knew I had found a special jewel to help us through the HUGE projects. EXCELLENT JOB!" *****

Kerry from Pennington, NJ, "Kathy has been an absolute lifesaver. She was able to walk into our hot mess of a house and accomplish in hours what would have taken me months. No shame or judgment, just helping us move forward. Couldn't recommend her more highly!"

Ann Marie from Bensalem, "My husband found Kathy after our home was turned upside down with a few imminent fixes that left furniture displaced, decor was strewn about haphazardly, right as it was time to put away Christmas from the areas of the house where we were to function. I looked at the abyss of clutter, gifts, unpacked bags from travel, and the need to regain my home with a feeling of helplessness. Kathy came with her keen eye, understanding, and optimism to see what our needs were and we set the date for her first session. She invited me to be a part of the organization as much as I wanted. I loved being involved and she was a great leader and teammate to have. We redesigned my kid's rooms to fit their new things and rethink or store tons of the old stuff. We organized my entire basement in 3 hours! She helped me see the forest through the trees and it's been so easy to maintain! I highly recommend Kathy to anyone who needs to feel like they need to get a quick grip on their surroundings. She made it so easy! Thanks, Kathy!"

Leslie from Fairless Hills, "I just moved in with my fiance and was overwhelmed with the combining of both households, especially in the kitchen. Kathy came in and organized and helped with the flow. I don't know how she did it but we ended up with more room and everything had a proper home the flow was great and now I actually look forward to cooking in the kitchen!! She was punctual, professional, and a pleasure to work with!! I'll be using her again!! I highly recommend her!!

Kelly from Pennington, NJ "Kathy is a professional and hard-working organizer. It is so refreshing to have someone come into your home and have complete faith in the job that needs to be accomplished and that it will be done according to your preferences! Also, it's so reassuring having someone in your home that you can completely trust. Her supportive spirit leaves you feeling positive about yourself.

Eileen from, Newtown "Kathy Dodds is the whole package. Five stars in the following categories: Dependability, reliability, helpful, personable, gets the job done in such a way that I couldn't possibly imagine! It is my great pleasure to recommend her to anyone!"

A. Brown from Pennington, NJ "Kathy from An Organized Home is like a magician with organizing. I thought my home would never be organized but she did it! She works fast and has great ideas. She knows what she is doing. She's very easy to work with and to schedule time with. I highly recommend her to everyone!"

Sophie from Southampton, "I am so very pleased with all the work Kathy has done for me over the past few months. Kathy has helped me completely revamp and organized my home - I am so grateful for her knowledge and expertise. She even helped me stage my home in preparation to sell and I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you, Kathy - You are the Best!"

Angeline from Yardley, "I live in a 2 bedroom condo and my daughter moved in with me with all her belongings. My closets, cupboards, garage, and storage areas were already full. I called Kathy at An Organized Home and she immediately went to work. We donated some items and accommodated my daughter and all her things while also organizing everything for me. This resulted in having everything accessible – a first for me!"

Hallie from E. Windsor, NJ "I am SO grateful I found Kathy. She turned a messy, disorganized room into a fun and practical playroom for my 8-year-old. She helped me rearrange furniture and create play stations. He loves being in there so much and the room will be so easy to manage as he gets older. . She also cleaned and organized a storage room that has been giving me so much stress. It was filled with everything from holiday decorations to memorabilia from when I was a child and for years I have been trying to figure out a way to clean it out but also preserve photos, etc. It was truly getting out of control and that's when I called Kathy. She is so calm and patient and you don't feel like you have a stranger in your home going through your stuff but also very efficient. She used all of my existing bins, shelving, and furniture to their fullest potential and never made me feel guilty or silly for keeping anything from my past. She just found a home for it and stored it so it would be preserved and easily accessible. Kathy is truly a pro at her job and she made such a difference in my home and life!"

Alexis from Pennington, NJ "Kathy is a great organizer who cares about her customers and her work. She has helped me eliminate tons of stuff from our house and organize the rest so that it is accessible. Kathy works quickly and well. We have gotten so much organizing done in only a few sessions. If you want to see quick, effective results in your house contact Kathy right away!"

Robin from Jamison, "Kathy has been such a pleasure helping me. She is extremely kind, dependable, and efficient. She is able to independently take on work, organizing and setting up everything in such a way that makes daily life more functional. I described how I wanted my closets organized and she brought my vision to life! She bought all the necessary supplies (on her own time!!!) that worked out perfectly. For instance, in my kitchen pantry, she measured to ensure they were the correct size and even wiped out all the cabinets. She was able to help me in every room of my home, from my basement to the top floor. I cannon express how thankful I am!"

Amanda from Warrington, "If you need an extra set of hands to help you organize a room or two…or three, I highly recommend An Organized Home and owner Kathy Dodds. I kept walking into our basement/playroom/hot mess for the last FOUR YEARS completely overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the project. Every few months, I would get a section “organized,” but a few weeks later, it was a disaster again. There were totes and totes of random stuff I just didn’t know what to do with. There were boxes and bins we hadn’t wanted/needed in years, plus what felt like a trillion kid’s toys, art supplies, stuffed animals, etc., - half of which they’ve outgrown and needed to go. Communicating with Kathy is seamless; she works fast, her pricing is beyond fair for the amount of work she does, and she is super easy and pleasant to work with. She was even very patient when all three of my kids were in the basement, “helping.” She takes COVID seriously, and we were all wearing masks, which I really appreciate with a new baby in the house. We will definitely be hiring her back!"

Joe from Downingtown, "Kathy did a great job helping me organize all the clutter and had some great ideas for redecorating. I've lived alone for many years and needed help with my home. Kathy did a fantastic job helping me choose paint colors, carpeting, and flooring for my home. The kitchen was desperately in need of a makeover and now it looks like a new kitchen! She also had some great suggestions for window treatments. Kathy was easy to work with and very professional."

Chelsea from Jamison, "Kathy did work in my home, did an excellent job, and exceeded my expectations. She not only organized but also cleaned and wiped everything out. She was willing to help in any possible way. Kathy went out and purchased various supplies to organize my pantry and cupboards. Kathy is such a hard worker and very dependable. She worked all day long, utilizing her time efficiently. I am so grateful for her help!"

Nick from Downingtown, "Kathy cleaned out and organized a storage room that I use to repair and store computer equipment. What started as a disorganized mess ended up as an efficient workspace. Kathy's great attitude and energy made what I thought was impossible, possible. Very thankful!"

Vicky from Philadelphia, "It was such a pleasure to work with Kathy. She helped us pack up our house for a move. She was extremely organized and thorough and helped make the process less stressful. She even picked up moving materials and dropped off donations for us, which was amazing!"

Samantha from Downington, "Fantastic! After two years of not being able to park in my garage, just in time for winter, I can finally fit the car in! Kathy organized our 2-car garage after it being a total mess. Over the last few years, it had become filled with kids’ toys, tools, miscellaneous household items, and boxes, leaving no space to walk, let alone know where anything was. After Kathy came in, she sorted through everything, put up shelves, arranged like items, and completely overhauled the garage. This was something I had hoped to get around to but likely never would. She was able to get it done quickly, and with her help, we are no longer dealing with the chaos every time we go out there. It’s a great feeling! Thanks, Kathy!"

Mac from Downingtown, "What a great experience - Mess to organized, Stuff lost then found, all done at a rate I found hard to keep up with. My three-car garage can now actually fit 3 cars!!! What a concept!  Thank you, Kathy!"

Daniel from Philadelphia, "Kathy is nothing short of fantastic. She listens and gears her entire strategy around the image you set forward. She is eager to help and does not waste a minute. She is flexible, thought out, meticulous, and organized. I wouldn't hesitate to say she is the best of the best. Would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs organizational services."

Martin from Downington, "My walk-in closet was a nightmare. A repeating nightmare that I was afraid to face. Kathy came in, made an assessment, and within 2 days, my nightmare was gone! I now have a well-organized closet where I can find and store everything I need. And all those shirts, pants, and other “things” I no longer had use for are gone. Thanks, Kathy, well done!"

Agata from Philadelphia, "Kathy was wonderful! She turned our absolute nightmare of a basement that we've been fighting to get under control for years into an organized, neat, and intuitive storage space. I was speechless when I saw the finished product. From start to finish she was great. She came to our home to scope out the job and assess what materials might be necessary in advance which was much appreciated. She purchased some bins and brought them with her but what was most impressive was how much use she made of what we already had instead of us buying all new storage things. Aside from being a highly skilled home organizer, she was kind, responsive, and professional! Wh highly recommend her!"

Marie from Downington, “Kathy did a fantastic job organizing our kitchen. Our cabinets and utensil drawers were in need of organization. It was always stressful searching for a particular item we needed. Kathy had great ideas and brought in awesome drawer and cupboard organizers. We have NO STRESS now when looking for the item we need. Everything has a place where it belongs and is easy to find Kathy is pleasant, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. She has made life easier for all of us!"

Stephanie, Palos Verdes

“Kathy is a miracle worker and I am so grateful to her and her team for their immense expertise in handling my epically cluttered and disorganized home with such kindness and efficiency. I kept putting off hiring someone because I felt embarrassed that I had let things get so bad. I finally realized I just couldn’t get it done on my own. Kathy is so encouraging and happy that she makes the whole process fun because you see results so quickly. I am thrilled to see my beautiful space come back into focus, and I can feel proud of my home again. If you are hesitating, have no fear. Kathy is AMAZING! I only wish I had hired her sooner!“


Balleigh, Long Beach

“After not organizing after several apartment moves, when I finally bought my own condo, I was determined not to just throw things in closets and drawers, but to truly organize my very limited storage spaces. Alas, the desk and closets continued to remain my nemesis and I finally realized that I needed to call a pro. I chose An Organized Home based on local reviews and I couldn’t be more pleased with a process I feared would be overwhelming. Kathy and her assistant made it simple and non-traumatic for pre-hoarders like myself. So Grateful!“


Celeste and Malik, Long Beach

“Where to begin? Well, first of all, Kathy and her team are amazing and the work that they do is life changing! The “Where to begin?” question has been an issue for our family has been struggling with for several years now. One cross country move, a marriage, the consolidation of two homes, 2 hectic work schedules and 3 children later we had decades worth avalanche of STUFF!
Repeatedly we tried to organize and sort things but with every attempt, we would get overwhelmed and just put things in bins, boxes, closets, under beds and in the garage. Things looked organized but in reality we could never find anything and packing/prepping for any activity always seemed to take forever. Kathy changed all of that! Our closets, clothes, bedrooms, office and garage are all now perfectly organized for our lifestyle.

What I love most about the process is that they fearlessly go right to the center of the chaos/heart of the problem….and before you know it, everything has its right place. I am an extremely private person, and initially had reservations about having people interact with my “safe space”/home and personal items. Upon meeting Kathy during the initial consultation, she really put me at ease and I decided to trust the process. Throughout the project I never once felt judged about the “avalanche of stuff,” or pressured to get rid of anything. Her whole team was warm and understanding. She helped us to purge old items including paperwork/old mail, etc. and she hauled away the times we decided to donate and brought us the tax write-off receipts!

The biggest benefit has been the impact on our family life. Now that everything has a place, it’s easier for everyone to take part in keeping our home in order. I feel less anxiety because I don’t have that nagging feeling that I’m forgetting (or have lost) something. I am able to sleep later in the morning because it takes less time to find socks, backpacks and keys in the morning!!! We are extremely happy with the results and highly recommend! Thank you so much!


Justin Thomas, Beach City Brokers, Redondo Beach

Kathy and her team came into a difficult situation and did what they do best; organize the chaos. I called Kathy for help with getting a home ready to market. Having been a real estate agent she knew exactly what I needed and was able to jump in with little direction. She was even able to help me stage existing rooms with furniture and items around the house. I highly recommend Kathy and look forward to working with her again!”


Roxanne, Palos Verdes

“Life has been happening in a big way around here. Kathy helped me get control of my home again. She is very efficient. We did most of the downstairs in just a few hours which was the scope of the work requested. Thank you, thank you!


Rudy, Long Beach

Kathy expediently moved out unwanted items from our cluttered garage to several areas she had sectioned off for donations, pick up by city, and hazardous waste (which she disposed of for us). She also had a helper for half the day that assisted in a quick and efficient manner. Kathy was very helpful in effectively cleaning out much needed removal of old stuff! Well done!!”


Zack, Long Beach

“I had a garage that was just embarrassing and unusable. After a couple of days of real cleaning and organizing, An Organized Home, got it back to its former glory. Now I can finally get back to my list of projects.”


Joshua, Garden Grove

“Kathy and her crew did an excellent job organizing our new house after our move. My family is very happy with the new set up! I would definitely recommend.”


Nina, Lakewood

“Don’t think twice, call Kathy to help you organize your home! My husband and I were overwhelmed by a recent move and we realized we could really use some help getting settled in. Kathy generously made the time to come by within a day’s notice. Once she arrived, she wasted no time. What an incredible hard worker and conscientious individual. She started off by organizing our kitchen – and let me tell you she is brilliant at it. The way she organized made so much SENSE – we could have spent hours trying to organize things ourselves but still wouldn’t have been able to order things with the logic and ease of use that Kathy did. I’m not exaggerating by saying that everyday, we directly benefit from the way Kathy put our kitchen together – not only can we find things more easily, but we can also maintain the orderliness more easily as well as which is simply incredible. Like I said, don’t think twice!”


Gary, Cerritos

“Kathy and her assistant organized our dumping room in 4 hours which we were unable to organize in over a year. Great job!”


Steve, San Pedro

“Kathy is fast and efficient. What looked like a nightmare became a dream after Kathy was done.”


Kim, Cypress

“You will not regret calling Kathy and getting her help. She saved me SO much time organizing my house. She works extremely fast and hard and really was able to accomplish so much in just one ht. It was worth the money. I feel so much more at peace in my home and my kids are thrilled to be able to find everything they want. Really awesome work Kathy and her team provided!”


Jenny, San Pedro

“Wow, Wow, Wow! Kathy was a joy to work with! I wish I had contacted her years ago. My closet is now beautiful and organized. I can see the floor too (LOL). She was fast, efficient and so wonderful to work with. She also gave me suggestions on how to use the space in other areas of our apartment. Oh! Now the dining room table looks neat and clean instead of full of junk. It had become like our junk drawer but now I can see us actually using it to enjoy family dinners.”


Michael, Huntington Beach

“Kathy and her worker were awesome! They were professional and creative on organizing. I was completely pleased with their work!”


Dave, Seal Beach

“The best money I ever spent! Kathy and her assistant took a 5 day garage clean and organize and did it to perfection within 2 days!! Very thorough and MOST importantly….Honest! I am going to have them do the rest of my home now too. Great!”


Debra, Long Beach

“Kathy is very professional. She has the ability to walk into a room, know immediately where to start and put all in order. Kathy is excellent at working collaboratively and communicated her ideas as well as understanding and working with my needs. My house was very disorganized with several people living in my household who each had differing ideas of systems they used to store their stuff. It was extremely upsetting for me. Kathy was a whiz at assisting me and creating order.


Winona, Long Beach

“I was feeling overwhelmed about how my home became cluttered. My complaints caused a family member to google and found Kathy’s site. A week passed and one day I went to the mail and found a flyer on my step. I knew that was the sign so I emailed her and she contacted me the very same day. Kathy is very pleasant and non-judgmental. We have accomplished so much that I feel more relaxed in my home. I recommend Kathy with 5 + stars!!


Laura, Long Beach

“Kathy is the best! Trustworthy and knows her business. She has worked directly with me and while I’m not at home. Both styles work well. My job is a whole house reorganization after empty nest and 20 years in this home. Prepping for a remodel, so much purging needed. Kathy is professional….strong and gentle when needed. Highly recommend!


Sharon, Belmont Shore

“Kathy is extremely helpful. What I really appreciate about her is her honesty. I asked for a quote and she took the time to meet with me. Although she wanted our business she advised me that the job was small enough that I could do it on my own. What an honest woman. Shows and tremendous amount of integrity. Based on this one characteristic alone, I would use her services.”


April, Long Beach

“Kathy was recommended by a friend who just raved about her skills. I was hesitant at first. She came to my home to help me with a room where I store my work items. She is fast, efficient and gentle to my hesitation to get rid of certain things. After she left I wanted to get rid of more stuff. I can now go in and there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Kathy is very affordable and an easy person to work with.”


Vanessa, Los Alamitos

“Kathy is wonderful! Her organizational skills and information was just what I needed to set up my new filing system. She works quickly and efficiently and is very nice to be around. I highly recommend her much valued service!”


Karen, Long Beach

“Kathy is a whirling dervish. During our first 3 hours we were able to accomplish sooo much! She works non-stop and because she never took a break, that inspired me to keep going. I’m looking forward to our next session. Would highly recommend her.”


Karen P., Long Beach

My house looks beautiful and I’ve even tried to keep it up! It feels good to be here. Knowing everything is accessible and so neat gives me peace. That may sound strange but it’s true.”


Bunmi, Long Beach

“I am very pleased with the work that Kathy did on our workshop. She was able to clear and organize a workshop that had over 40 years of “stuff.” It is such a joy to come home into our workshop and be able to find things much easier. We are more than satisfied with her work.


Lynne, Torrance

“Kathy showed me numerous excellent ways to organize my home to make it more user friendly and attractive, making home a place my family wants to stay. “


Joan, Seal Beach

Joan and her husband had downsized from a large home with a lot of storage into a small house with very little storage space, especially in the kitchen. Her kitchen counter was covered with items and she struggled to find things. After organizing and a little creativity Joan said, “I love my kitchen. It works for me!”


Maria, Seal Beach

“Just want to thank you for organizing my kitchen cupboards and drawers. My kitchen is much more functional now and you had great ideas that I will continue to incorporate. I am impressed with your organizational skills and how quickly you put everything together. I look forward to you organizing other areas in my home.”


Caroline, Long Beach

“Kathy came to my home to help me organize my office. It had become a storage area for all sorts of items, including my husband’s projects. Now I have an office that has more usable space and is free of clutter. Items that did not belong in my office were assigned a new place in my home which made sense. I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I would recommend Kathy anytime.”


Morgan, Lakewood

“After moving back to California from out of state I have never had any real time to organize at all. Kathy has done a wonderful job.”